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The State of Toronto’s Payday Loan Industry: Oliver Jewellers is now advertising loans for “Casino Money”

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Gary racking up several thousand of dollars in debt from payday loans in order to fund his trips to the casino with Marv

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Rule #9 for my financial literacy students.

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Robinhood can be a gambling platform, but it's not and removing it or regulating it will exacerbate the divide between the wealthy and the rest of the U.S.

Hi everyone,
Lately I've been reading and watching on the news about Robinhood and I just wanted to give my two cents as somebody who actually researches Gambling disorder in the United States. My goal in this post is to hopefully encourage people on WSB to become politically active in preventing the regulations or removal of certain aspects that Robinhood allows on its investing platform. First, let me define some terms from the Gambling disorder field:
In this post I will address a few arguments at Robinhood. The first is regarding the "gambling" nature of investment that Robinhood purportedly encourages. The second is that the average investor needs to be "protected" because they lack the information and knowledge to participate on the app.
When I first downloaded Robinhood, I was skeptical at first and proceeded to uninstall and reinstall it multiple times before I deposited $350 to invest in stock. The app provided me a "scratch-off" with my first deposit that rewarded me with my first stock (some medical company). That was the only time that event occurred. If we look at my prior definition of gambling, technically that is not a form of gambling. I placed nothing of value on this random outcome. If the actual act of investing in stock is gambling this leads to an interesting analogy regarding trading platforms, not just Robinhood.
Stocks are the game (roulette, blackjack, craps), Robinhood and trading platforms are the dealers (giving information on the rules of the game and how much it costs to place a bet), and the liberal market is the casino.
In this analogy everybody is in the Casino, and if you don't play the game you stand to lose regardless as your money loses value to inflation. Even worse, if the casino folds the people that didn't cash out or were fully invested in the casino never collapsing (The Great Depression, the recession of 2008 the coronavirus recession) can stand to lose everything even if they didn't participate (regular person that was laid off) or were placing safe bets (ETF's Blue chip stocks etc).
The Massachusetts Secretary of the Commonwealth, William Galvin, is addressing the wrong issue by suing Robinhood. What should be addressed is the reasons that people even participate in Robinhood or in any trading platform. The average individual doesn't understand the market and the United States does not address this ignorance by providing information on how to properly invest for retirement or provide a welfare structure that protects against poverty as individuals become unable to participate fully in the economy due to injury, developmental disability, age, discrimination or lack of access to the "free" market. To claim that people on Robinhood "gamble" for excitement or risk is reductive. People invest their money on Robinhood for the potential accumulate life changing "tendies" that will protect them from the eventuality that they will be unable to participate in the economy and the government will not insulate them from the fiscal impact an individual will (not if) have to deal with in regards rising medical cost for their healthcare and any other services they would require in order to lead a normal life. If William Galvin is actually concerned about the "gamefying" of investment, he should focus on regulating Wall Street and the Banking sector, because last time I checked investors on Robinhood invest with their own money, not the money of other people.
The argument that the average investor isn't informed also leads to more issues that I guarantee the government doesn't want to address or even ask because it would require an expansion of the welfare state and higher taxes on companies and individuals. If the average American is too dumb to invest using Robinhood that what is the solution? The U.S. government has always fought any sort of government guaranteed income or services to insulate an individual against against insolvency from the free market as can be seen by the desire to privatize almost all forms of government programs such as Social Security, Medicare, Food Stamps and Medicaid. This has already occurred with certain programs at the federal level such as HUD which doesn't do anything to help people get affordable housing and the drastic reduction in funding for colleges and universities especially after boomers were done getting their degrees for essentially free.
So lets examine what the average person has to understand in the American economy,
So the average American is suppose to navigate all of the aforementioned areas with little to no government assistance. But Robinhood should be regulated, makes sense. Let's not even talk about that most Americans read at about an 8th grade level and have a tough time understanding that a quarter pounder is less than a one third hamburger...
"Why the third pound hamburger failed: One of the most vivid arithmetic failings displayed by Americans occurred in the early 1980s, when the A&W restaurant chain released a new hamburger to rival the McDonald’s Quarter Pounder. With a third-pound of beef, the A&W burger had more meat than the Quarter Pounder; in taste tests, customers preferred A&W’s burger. And it was less expensive. A lavish A&W television and radio marketing campaign cited these benefits. Yet instead of leaping at the great value, customers snubbed it. Only when the company held customer focus groups did it become clear why. The Third Pounder presented the American public with a test in fractions. And we failed. Misunderstanding the value of one-third, customers believed they were being overcharged. Why, they asked the researchers, should they pay the same amount for a third of a pound of meat as they did for a quarter-pound of meat at McDonald’s. The “4” in “¼,” larger than the “3” in “⅓,” led them astray. --Elizabeth Green, NYT Magazine, on losing money by overestimating the American Public Intelligence."
The REAL QUESTION is what responsibility does the government have to insulate the average American from an economy that by its very nature is predatory, especially when the argument set forth by William Galvinson is that the public doesn't understand how to invest on Robinhood. Especially since the government has told the public from day one to take care of themselves as they get older through investing instead of expecting the government to provide assistance. By removing or regulating Robinhood, the fungibility of the average American's dollar will drop in value because they are prevented from another avenue of wealth accumulation, which research shows (at least for those in poverty) they turn to gambling as a means of wealth accumulation because even though the return on a gamble is less it is technically even since their dollar is also worth less.
I think I may have gone on a rant, sorry.
Please buy me some tendies William Galvin, because I like to be wined and dined before I GET FUCKED!
Robinhood isn't gambling. Robinhood just provides a service to investing on Wall Street, the actual gambling is our devotion to supply side economics which is the original, STONKS ONLY GO UP 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀
Also, if we are going to start regulating Robinhood because of the actions of a minority (WSB) then we should start regulating other industries that are WAY more predatory and impact a larger amount of the U.S. such as, payday loans, guns, pharma industry, surprise medical bills from emergency rooms, childcare, prison industry, bail industry etc. I bet you the cost to the U.S. economy from those industries is way more than anything Robinhood has done.
Positions: SAVE at 18.45 67 shares; and TQQQ 5 shares at 174.71
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Gambling at a casino is like being the alcoholic at a party, and online gambling is like shooting heroin under a bridge by yourself.

For me, anyway
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Day 1 of Quitting- My story into gambling addiction

Hi everyone,
This is my first post so bare with me. It may be long so don’t feel compelled to read it.
I am 26 years old and in the midst of the Pandemic, I have been working from home since March. Before September, I would never have thought of myself having a gambling addiction. I remember being on a cruise when I turned 21 and put $20 in a slot machine and lost it and was so angry and disappointed in myself.
Then in September I kept seeing this ad on Instagram for an online casino. One day I succumbed and decided to sign-up because they had a $30 signup offer. I thought, ‘Hey what’s the harm?’ I wish I could go back and slap myself and say don’t do it.
I play through the free $30 and won $500. My whole body felt electrified. That went away when I realized there were wagering requirements (I have never been in/involved with casinos so I had no idea). By the time I met the wagering requirement, I had $75 of withdrawalable money. Still excited I made $75 for free I went to withdrawal, but found out the minimum withdrawal amount is $100. So I kept playing and eventually lost it. I wish I learned my lesson that this will be the reality most of the time.
For a bit of background, before this I was in a decent financial state. Pretty good job for someone my age, lived alone in a nice apartment, had some credit card debt, but overall manageable. I have some mental health problems (Bipolar and anxiety disorders) but received treatment and relatively stable compared to my early 20s.
As the days went on I couldn’t stop thinking about seeing that ‘big win’ flashing on my screen and kept thinking to myself, ‘that $500 could have been mine if I didn’t have that $30 bonus’. So, I decided to deposit $20 and bet low on the same game and won nothing. I felt sick like I did on the cruise.
This particular online casino gives you $1 every day, so for the next week I just played but $1 and won some, but not enough to withdrawal. About a week later, I got an email from the casino saying if I deposit $50, I’ll get an extra $50 with no wagering requirement. The thought of depositing $50 was crazy to me so I just deleted the email and continued with my free $1 a day. After about a week of that, I get another email, deposit $50 play with $200. I scoured the fine print and I only had to play through the extra $150 once, then any winnings I can withdrawal. I still hesitated until Friday night where I had a couple drinks and decided to go for it. Back then, I would say this was one of the most fun nights of my life. I kept landing the ‘fireshot’ feature and winning mini and minor jackpots. At the end of the night I won $1200 USD (I’m from Canada so it would be about $1500 CAD).
My body was so full of excitement I could barely hit the withdrawal button. When I did, I found out they had to verify my account and I had to send in the required documents. After I researched if this was standard for online casinos and researching this casino, I sent in my documents. I went to bed happy, and already had plans on what I was going to buy/pay off with this win. Unfortunately I was too excited to sleep. So I log back in and miraculously (at least to me back then), my $1200 was still there, and playable. So I thought why not play a few more rounds with a higher bet to get an even bigger win? Big mistake. By 3:00am, I was down to $100. I forced myself to stop so I could still withdrawal something. After about a week or two, I resisted playing/betting more and when I logged into my online banking and saw the $120 deposited, I think that’s when my addiction started.
I was no longer satisfied with my free $1 everyday. I started just depositing $20 here and there. On my lunch break or in the evening when I was bored. Then $20 turned into $50 and $50 to $100. After maxing my credit card with no significant wins, I decided enough was enough. And stopped for the rest of September.
Most likely because I had researched so much about online casinos, I had more ads than ever tempting me. One night again after a few drinks, I joined a different online casino. This one was completely different, with better games, a level up feature where you get to spin a wheel after each level and win free spins, cash back or free money, I was hooked again. I put in $50 and lost and was completely broke. So I patiently counted down the days until I got paid. I also sold about $500 worth of video games/consoles I didn’t want to sell, but did to have more money to gamble with.
On payday, I set an alarm for 4:00am when my pay is deposited. This was the first real sign to myself I may be becoming obsessed, but brushed it off. I deposited $100 and won $200. Same story, I had to verify my account but this was done within hours, and I got my money in two days VS a week and a half with my first casino. Stupidly, I put the $200 back in and lost it. I was back to being broke after only two days of getting paid. By the weekend, my credit card payment posted and in my eyes, I had money again.
That night I won most of what I lost back and learned my lesson and withdrew it. When I saw that sum deposited into my bank account, I was ecstatic. I first paid off my credit card I was using to make the deposits, and went out and bought AirPods Pro. I felt rich (even though the win was less than $1000). That evening I wanted to play again, but I had no money. This was the night I learned I could cancel a bill payment within 24 hours. Which I did. And played through all my winnings. Words can’t describe how disappointed I was in myself. I was broke. Credit card maxed. And the only thing I had to show for it were the AirPods. The next day I tried returning them but they wouldn’t accept the return because of their return policy on headphones. I vowed to myself to never gamble again, wrote a note in my phone describing what I was feeling so I could read it if I was ever tempted. That week I fell into a depressive episode. I couldn’t afford groceries, lied to friends and family for not spending time with them because I feared they would want to order food, I didn’t want to admit what happened, so I isolated myself.
That week was what I thought was the hardest. I just stayed in bed signing up to every casino out there for free spins no deposit sign ups to try to fill the void but you never actually win anything on no deposit spins. Finally, my good friend asked what is going on and I immediately bursted into tears and told her I was broke, and my credit card maxed. We work at the same job, and long story short, are both getting $5000 in retro pay because of a expired union contract. She told me she would lend me $5000 now, and I would give her my retro money when we get it in February. This was one of the kindest things anyone has ever done for me. Reluctantly, I decided to accept this kindness and we worked out a budget on how I would not let this happen again. Here’s the thing, and I will never forgive myself for, I didn’t tell her all this happened because of gambling. I was too ashamed and embarrassed.
Life was somewhat normal again for a couple weeks until one night I decide to just put in $100 and see if I can win some of what I now owed my friend back. After $500 lost, those same feelings came back, but worse since I felt I betrayed my friend’s kindness, and that this isn’t the first time this happened.
Fast forward to November - I won again (not nearly enough to recover my losses), paid my credit card and cancelled the payment, lost it all again. Then towards the end of November, my $1000 for rent sitting in my savings account kept calling my name. I have never ever been in a position where I would risk not affording rent, but my addiction was stronger and I lost $500 of it. I had about a week until my rent was due, I had nowhere to turn, I couldn’t ask my friend for a loan because in her mind, and from the few times she asked, I was sticking to my budget. My new way of handling stress was gambling, so I put another $100 in and won $600. I was saved and again vowed myself to never put myself into this position again and ‘quit’.
Now it is December, I guess this is my rock bottom. Not nearly as bad as some people’s, but here it is. I took out another credit card for ‘emergencies’ since my main one is maxed. I was good, and didn’t use it except to buy a few groceries which I swore I would pay off on payday. My mental health declined, and I deposited $100 and lost it. Then another $100. Lost it. Made another ‘promise’ to myself to stop and I did until last night. I now owe $1,000 on the new credit card, and my main one is now in a negative balance because of a subscription.
I am a liar, I take advantage of people’s kindness that I didn’t deserve in the first place, and now in more credit card debt than I know how to deal with. All I can wish for is I’ve learned my lesson. That the money I lost I will never get back, and to find some way to fill the void gambling has left in my life. After only the first day, I don’t know what will give me that feeling of excitement, the feeling of being alive. I had all my casino accounts deleted this morning, but I know there are more out there, I just really hope I can stop myself from ever going back on this path.
If you made it this far thank you for reading. If you have any suggestions on what I can do to not relapse, and any hobbies or activities that can fill the void please let me know.
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Day 1

After looking at my bank statement I have decided this is it, no more gambling. Over the past five years I have lost close to $100,000 with not a single thing to show for it. Most recent was a loan for $25,000 that I took out of my 401k. The loan was taken out 30 days ago and it’s now all gone. But the monthly payment of $400 for the next five years will be a monthly reminder to me. This makes me feel sick. I had always loved to gambled but when my mom passed away five years ago i completely lost control over myself. I no longer want to live paycheck to paycheck barely getting through the monthly. I make decent money but once my paycheck was in my bank account I was off to the casino and it would be gone within hours. I get paid once a month. So I would be driving home and thinking “29 days until payday” that’s so stupid. When I took out the $25,000 loan I caught up on all of my bills. I was smart enough to do that. But I want more for myself and this gambling will not allow for a better life. So I am done. Wish me well. I plan on attending online meeting for support. I will attend multiple times a day if I need to. I want to stop gambling that much.
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My ex and his new supply, sort of a vent *trigger warning* sexual abuse *

I apologize for the back story, it may be too much but I believe it helps to explain why I felt the need to warn the new supply. Long story short: the new supply does not want to hear your side of things, they have already chosen their side.
I had been with my abusive (physically, verbally, and financially) ex for over 2 years throughout the beggining of our adulthood. Our relationship was absolute hell for most of it. He moved in with me suddenly and then things got terrible, fast. He is addicted to weed, cigarettes and gambling. He never paid rent, and he took out every possible payday loan he could find in the city in hopes of winning big at the casino. He even pawned off his ps4 for some cash. Anyways, along with all this came verbal abuse, gaslighting, and eventually physical abuse. I remember times where he choked me wo hard I felt myself beginning to pass out. He gave me nasty bite marks, bruised my head (on accident, allegedly). Oh and I forgot to mention that he pretty much sexually abused me to.. I would wake up to having him inserting himself in me without any sort of warning.... Everything was just absolutely horrible.
I managed to get out. I put all his crap outside and left it at that. But, he decided to break into my house in a furious fit (He cracked my front door and ended up squeezing through a small bathroom window that could not be locked). I called the police as I was terrified. Police came and talked to both of us, and we both told the cops similar stories with the inclusion of a "fight" we had earlier. During this "fight" my ex picked me up, threw me onto the bed and screamed in my face. Fortunately for me, he told the cops these same details and was immediately arrested for assault. This literally saved my life.
Fastforward, I have a new man, hes got a new woman. I know her though, I know she has been through some pretty crappy things (ex constantly cheating on her). I tried to warn her by showing her the subpoena of his assault charge.
She then goes on a tangent, telling me how pathetic I am for craving this negative attention... How apparently I am not over my ex. I just don't understand how she could be so quick to judge me so harshly. She didnt want to hear a word about what the subpoena with her boyfriends name on it was for... I really don't know how a university student could be so silly. Maybe he has changed, but wouldnt she want to hear my story? He must have lied to her about most of it. I know I shouldnt have warned her, but i really could not believe how harsh she was to me, especially after her own terrible relationsip. I wish the best for them, but I know deep down she will be suffering at his hands eventually. I wonder if I will ever get a message from her saying that she should of listened to me... haha yeah no but its nice to dream.
If you got this far, thank you for reading a long rant about my relationship. Writing this into the abyss of reddit is calming, I hope I wasnt too hard to follow.
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Debt free after nearly a decade of Gambling, a new life and new mindset.

I was contemplating posting but I hope someone might benefit from this as I have from this subreddit, I have read a few posts with similar stories and they have kept me going when things got a little shaky.
Started Gambling at 17/18 – I had an apprentice job and for my age it was a decent salary. Safe to say I did not know the value of money and was led into the bookies by someone I knew, that’s how it all started, it was always the roulette machine for me. I stopped going with the person who introduced me and started going by myself. I was trapped for 9 years, in the ever-vicious cycle of gambling. I’ve had highs and low lows, In the last 3 years, it escalated from bookies to Casino, more of a rush and higher risks. Towards the end of 2017 I made a silly amount in one night 5 figures(casino), close to what I made in a year around £30k. And Lost it in a space of two weeks my whole life revolved around gambling, the best I managed to do by then was stay away for 3 months, but after I had a bit of savings I thought yes, I had it under control and would go back only to spiral out of control and loose it all again this happened several times. I had payday loans, credit cards, and a bank loan. I defaulted and my credit score ended up really bad.
My total debt was around £20k. I joined step change, around 2017 and set up regular payments, which was meant to be affordable for me, I didn’t stick with it and I flaked a few times, needing to restart my DMP with Step-Change (debt management plan). In the last two years however I stuck it out, I had some gambling incidents, but going from gambling every pay day to only twice a year is a significant improvement in my eyes. The amounts I played increased every time and I felt I needed to play larger amounts. I am 27 Now, and I cleared my last debt this month, next month I will be paid and I don’t have any debts for the first time in 9 years it feels a little strange and surreal. (exception paying for a web-development course)
Gambling for me, kept me in a mental trap, I felt powerless once I was in its embrace. The debt was like an anchor holding me captive surrounded by guilt and shame.
I am looking to change careers, into tech (web-development) to start with, mostly self-thought. I Still feel I need to get to better grips with money at times I feel guilty/un-comfortable spending money. As in the past all I used to do was spend it on gambling without hesitation.
Next steps, save for emergency fund 3-6 months, then save for mortgage (LISA)
I enjoy hiking and exploring new places so I will look to add one new place a month.
Thanks to my Family and friends who supported me throughout.
This site has also been really helpful
I do have a few questions, how do you spend without feeling guilty about your purchase.
How do you combat the idea you need to make up for all those lost years, I am trying to avoid saving really hard and being frugal i need to find the balance.
Lastly Thank in advance for any advice.
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addiction and bankruptcy

So, Long story short I have/had a terrible gambling addiction which I have addressed. Alot of it was just online forums and really reddit gambling addiction subs that got me on a path to delete and blacklist me from online casinos.
My question is has anyone here filed due to a gambling addiction and could they share their story on how things went? If you don't want to put it here you can PM me. I got myself in such a horrible situation financially by my own doing. I have 2 charge offs about to have a third, 15 missed payments, an overdrawn account, payday loan in collections...not good and really the only way I can get out is bankruptcy.
However I am afraid to file. I am afraid my creditors will object and have my entire case dismissed due to how I ran up credit cards and the method of which how I spent my money. So really im wondering if anyone has ended up in the same situation and what road blocks presented? Any answers would help no matter how fucked I might be.
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MoCannTrade are not your friend.

Let's try this again, I got temp banned last time I posted this, but it seems important with the latest news about the first testing facility approved in the state happens to be ran by a MoCannTrade affiliate. These guys are about as corrupt as they come, so it shouldn't be a surprise that they are connected to at least a dozen operations that won at least 5 licenses, giving them around 20% of the total market, and are being investigated for their ties to Steve Tilley, a lobbyist and campaign contributor to Mike Parson..
They have been pushing for a monoply since their inception, advocating for limited licenses and keeping the process slow. Their PR rep, Jack Cardetti, has said this current clusterfuck is "exactly what the voters voted for," and that "voters don't want dispensaries on every streetcorner."
These guys don't care about you, they don't care about the product, the only thing they care about is milking every dollar they possibly can from medical patients.
MoCannTrade's "chief lobbyist" is Steve Tilley, who has suspicious ties to Parson's campaign finances
The top article on the sub a week ago with Cardetti's comments.
Two people on MoCannTrade's board have ties to predatory payday loan businesses and embezzling money from a casino and hotel.
Andrew Mullins, the executive director of the cannabis trade group MoCannTrade, called the license disbursements a "welcome start to the new year. Our state is deservedly drawing national praise for the smooth, effective implementation of this new medical marijuana program, ever since it was overwhelmingly approved by voters last November," he wrote in a news release. "Today’s announcement lays the groundwork for a continued successful rollout of the remaining businesses license."
Reddit's search function is shit, so I'm still looking for the article that was on here a few months ago where Cardetti talked about how keeping licenses limited was a good thing for Missouri patients.
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FI on my birthday!

I did it today. On my 47th birthday, I reached $3 million in cash & investments, a paid off house & 2 cars. I have reached my FI target of $100k @ 3.3% SWR. I knew it was going to be close with the markets, payday, and my company's equity coming in today.
Plan is to FIRE in 3 months. $3 million was a symbolic number, I could have FIREd 2 months ago at $2.95 million and lived pretty much the same life. However, I am getting another ~$70k in equity in 3 months and would like a bit of a buffer especially with the volatile markets. Also, the plan was to take a nice trip to Europe in August - I don't see that happening.
It is crazy, I know of many people who are laid off, working reduced hours, worried about their job or tapping into debt. And I am making plans to quit working.

Mega edit:
Asset allocation
Cash & short term investments: 25% (increased 10% from equities due to C19)
Employer's Equity: 10%
Equity ETFs: 45% (down 10% - sold in early march, will buy back in later)
Bond ETFs: 10%
Crypto: 10%
Please bring on the flames for timing the market, but I sold early-ish, it helps me sleep at night, and right now I am trying to be more conservative vs. aggressive.
The crypto is a flyer. I bought casino level bitcoin in 2012 at $18, then sold a bunch when it went up to $150. Then bought a bunch more at $1000, and have been selling little bits for a few years. Total investment: $45k, total value sold and still held: $500k. I would like to sell more, but it has a capital gains tax liability, so FIRE with no income next year would help reduce taxes.

About my journey
Grew up middle class. Money was tight from time to time, but I never really saw that.
Part time job when I was 16 for spending cash. Never went into debt. Saved a little.
Went into a good college for STEM, received $8000 total for tuition from family and received a student loan for $1000. Did a few paid internships while in college. Paid off the loan with my first post-school paycheck.
Graduated in the tech industry in 97. Started full time at the last internship. $40k base. Stayed there for 2 more years, increased base by 20%. $48k base. Left (co-worker left and pulled me), for a ~100% increase. $90k base. Stayed there 6 months (dying ship), left for ~10% increase. $100k base. Stayed there for 2 years (all of my managers up to CEO left in 2 weeks), left for a 0% change. $100k base. Stayed there for 1.5 years, was let go, started consulting at +50% (but no benefits). $150k consulting. Consulted for 8 months, left when project was wrapping up for -40% (+10% from previous full time) $110k base. Stayed there for 11 years (company was acquired 3 after years), increased pay by ~20% in 11 years. $133k base. Left for 5% increase. $141k base. Worked there for 6 months (bad fit), left for 5% increase. $150k base. Here now. Making about 4x after 20 years. Did not include any bonus (or not), benefits (health/retirement/etc...) stock options, quality of life, etc..

Current investments
Canadian ETF / funds I invest in in decreasing amounts.
XGRO VCN VXC VAB VT TDB900 TDB902 TDB909 TDB911 Tangerine Balanced (part of emergency fund) TDB661 CDZ

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Relapse after relapse after relapse

Turns out my country had new online casinos. Of course I won in the beginning, but "I have to get back to that 7k". Lost. Self-excluded, found there are some more. lost some more. Self excluded.
This year was supposed to be where I get more healthy, instead I was sick at least 30% of the year, dealing with mental issues, and decided to try and deal with my gambling problem, which itself caused a lot of trouble.
Hopefully with no casinos left and maybe a new job soon I will get better. I am in day 2 again. The year has still been more or less a recovery as I have not gambled more than I have, but no financial funds to back that up.
Thankfully, I guess, I was not eligible for any loans or credit cards due to my gambling and payday loans(for gambling) at one point. So I am still debt free, but only 1k to my name, no job and with dreams to buy an apartment...
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Day 1 My Story.

I keep asking myself how did I get here, but I know exactly how I got to this point. It all started when I was 22, I overheard a couple guys I was playing golf with talking about betting on Arietta and the Cubs. To this point I knew people gambled on sports but I didn’t grow up in that type of home. Occasionally my father would play the squares on a football board or play poker for a few bucks but it wasn’t something I can say I grew up in. That all changed when I started my job at the local country club. If there was a bet for paint to dry these guys would do it. So I watched the Cubs game that night with interest, even though I had no money I watched and they won. I thought wow those guys made money for doing anything. I made my first deposit of $100 onto an offshore account. My first ever bet $20 on the Louisville Clemson Under, and it hit. I was ecstatic, sure it was only $20 but I did nothing to earn that money. This is where my problems started. Over the next few weeks I figured out parlays I hit 3 in two weeks times, for $800 a piece off of a $5 bet. I thought I was rich, I was only 22 so that was a lot of money. Then I discovered the roulette side of things on the online casino. Now this wasn’t my first time with casino gambling. I would take $50 to the local casino and be ok if I lost. My account sat at $2000 in that offshore off of a $50 deposit, and in one day it was all gone off of roulette. I didn’t think much of it I mean it was only $50 lost truthfully. Over the next few years I only would bet on football and basketball I lost some won some but nothing to impact my life. And then it happened. I made another deposit onto an offshore account. Played roulette and was up over $5000 in a week. And within a few hours after I had all these ideas of what I was going to do with the was all gone again. This one stung, I felt like it was just a string of bad luck so I wanted to deposit again and I did that, and guess what lost $200 within the hour. My funds were running low so I went to the worst place you could, a payday company. I couldn’t wait on a normal loan I needed something I could deposit quick and win it back. Well 1 loan turned into 3. Credit cards were all maxed and it was suggested to me that I start to use a local bookie. You don’t need any money to deposit and you get weekly payouts. I thought sure why not. First month I won around $2000. I paid off the loans and some credit cards. My life seemed to be back on track. Then in one weekend I lost my account balance and now owed the local $3000. I came clean to my girlfriend, now wife and she was hurt but helped me. I thought that was it this was the wake up sign. A month later, I was back with a local, I told him I had a problem and to drop my account as it wasn’t I was bad at betting I was just bad at managing money. At least that’s what I told myself. Football starts and first day I owed the local $1500. I called him up asking if he could cancel all bets and I would go into GA, and that this my cost me my upcoming wedding. He agreed and said I needed help. But naturally my friend suggested a new guy, and I was right back to square one. I didn’t lose any money I couldn’t pay small amounts but still never won much. And this continued for another two years up until this last June. I was down $3800 on a Friday; and had no way of paying this. Knowing I couldn’t come clean to my wife or family I felt helpless. I started chasing and got lucky and got below the settle limit for the week. This was a routing for about 2 months. Days and nights spent chasing to get below the settle limit until it happened. I lost $2500 again in a week and didn’t have the means to pay. I have a decent job but so much debt that all my money is gone by the time it comes in. I told my wife I needed the money for a medical bill as I had some work done on my knee, and she helped. So I kept going at it thinking it was just bad luck again. I won $1000 a week ago, and now I lost $1000 in over 6 hours tonight. I’m faced with the decision to chase or not to chase. Telling my wife the truth could very likely end our marriage, but people always say I don’t know where I went wrong. I know where I went wrong, I went wrong from day 1 thinking this is a way to make easy money. Gambling will take everything you have your spouse has and your family has and won’t give anything back. It’s a disease and an addiction that is almost impossible to beat. I have thought the last few years life would be easier for everyone including me without me here. I can’t be that selfish though, I now have two jobs just to get out of debt and work around 80 hours a week. I hope the time at work will keep my mind off gambling. I’ve always personally love the numbers part of gambling and honestly speaking never had an issue I felt when I was making deposits and doing just sports. I have a desire to get back to that with sports betting going legal soon in my state but it’s something I don’t know if I want to be apart of. I want to be done with the bookies, the offshore casinos, and honestly gambling in any way. But I just don’t know where to start.
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If you have been doing SEO since before 2012, why are you not a multi-millionaire?

Not trolling but I always kindof cringe when I see an SEO 'expert' that claims to have been doing SEO for the past decade or two and is still running some little agency with some small time clients or at a job working for someone else.
Remind me again, was 1998-2012 not the time when you could come in with an EMD and $20 worth of shitty links from BlackhatWorld and be #1 for 'payday loans' in about 2 weeks?
If I had known about SEO back then, I would definitely have a good $10M saved up in the bank account ranking for injury lawyers and online casinos.
How did you mess up so badly your golden opportunity?
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Google Search Engine Algorithms Updates

Google Hummingbird Updates - Impact on Natural Languages queries, consider the context and the meaning of queries
Google Rank Brain - the machine can make a guess as to what words or phrases might have a similar meaning and filter the result accordingly,
Google Penguin - aimed to decrease website ranking that violates the google webmaster guideline policy.
Google Panda - impacted on low quilty sites, particular "content farms", copyright,
Google Payday- Payday 3.0 specifically targets spammy queries, versus spammy sites. But the types of queries these targets include terms like [payday loans], [casinos], [viagra], and other forms of highly spammy queries.
Google’s Mobile-Friendly Update- Mobile-first, responsive, page speed
Google Pigeon- Improving local search, knowledge graph, synonyms, spelling corrections
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What industries rely and prey on people being stupid to make their money?

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Fighting to stop.

I've had a problem with gambling ever since i turned 18. Now I'm 20 years old. I used to spend around 200 euros/month on gambling when I was working in a month. I made about 2000 euros/month so it wan't too bad then. I once lost over 400 euros on my payday, and i had a doctors apointment that day, and i had to pay my car insurance also so i had to loan 100 euros in order to buy gasoline to get work that month.
I usually can manage 7-30 days or so without gambling because now I'm serving as a conscript in Finnish defense forces. I had roughly 600 euros left in my savings for my last 3 months of service. All of a sudden after a winning spree i had over 1500 euros in my bank account and when i was drunk with friends i lost it all and now i owe 300 to some quick loan company. I have paid all but the 300 that i loaned back and i have about 200 euros money left.
In about 2 months i have lost all my money to online casinos about 4 times in a row that i receive from the army. (100% my incomes). I can pay back that 300 easy. I just spent 20 days without casinos, then i lost all that i had, won everything back next day and during night lost it all back.
In conclusion i think that it's the excitement that i wan't from the gambling. I shoplift for excitement, i drive recklessly and abuse/mix alot of drugs. I have tattooed my legs with a tattoo gun just for the excitement, and when i feel extremely down I might cut or burn myself. I feel like in less then a week i go extremely anxious if i don't get any excitement in my life. I have never lost so much money that i couldn't have figured it out. But i know I can't keep up like this. I have lost over 6000-7000 euros for gambling in these 2 years. I need to stop, but i just feel like i can't and i know I can't continue like this for any much longer. Now I was 20 days clean, relapsed, and now my next goal is to be clean 30 days.
How do you guys manage to find fulfillment in your life? Or overall how did you stop gambling? Thank you for reading.
Also because of the anxiety and hopelessness i go through because of gambling I have had plans to kill myself if I lose everything. I don't care if I die tomorrow or next week. I think i have some mental disease. I have lost my will to try and live and die old.
Also I've seeked help. I have a doctors apointment tomorrow about my depression, anxiety and gamblig.
//edit grammar. Sorry my English isn't that good and i typed this with a phone
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Covid-19 and Gambling- Day 0

When COVID-19 came to my state, it shut down all the non-essential businesses. The casinos, of course, were one of the non-essentials. The night the casinos shut down, I was playing slots. I was winning and was up. I heard grumblings from the casino workers that they were going to shut the doors at midnight. Sure enough, midnight rolled around and they herded everyone out (which was a strange sight because casinos in my state don't shut down, ever).
I remember thinking that it was going to be hard not going to the casino for however long it was going to be closed. Turns out, it wasn't. Because of COVID-19, I was able to stay gamble-free for 60+ days. I haven't done that in probably over 10 years. I'd be lucky to get to a month. But I did it. And despite everything that was going on and the world going to shit, it was 2 of the best months of my life.
You lose a lot with gambling. But the 2 I always focus on is time and money.No matter if you win or lose on a trip, you'll never get that time back. For 2 months, I never lost that time. I spent days with my kids. We got to spend every evening together with no lost hours at the slots.I got to learn about my children and what's important in their lives. It opened my eyes to a lot of what I was missing.
The other VERY enjoyable part of not gambling was having a steady bank account. Yes, I still owed major debts but I wasn't scrambling from week to week. I KNEW the money was in there and didn't have to check every single day. I didn't have to worry about payday loans.I didn't have to worry about high Interest, short term loans. Heck,I even went and got a new grill and some patio furniture. Something that aren't major purchases but I never got because I was always pinching pennies for my addiction. By the end of the lock-down, I had money in the bank and some material purchases to show for it. Life was good. And then, the casinos started reopening.
My first trip back was a terrible experience. No beverage service, half the machines off for social distancing, crowded and you had to wait in line just to get in. Not to mention I lost my time and money.I thought, "this is stupid. Why did I ever come back?". But I knew why; because I've never been able to beat my addiction. And I knew I'd be back.
Fast forward a few months and here we are. Turned $500 into $6,000 yesterday and gave every single penny back within a matter of hours. Got home late. Was supposed to be spending time with my son. Made up some BS excuse and he said some words that cut me deep. He said, "what a wasted day". He was right. Lost time. Again.
Went again this morning and lost (of course). I'm a career professional that makes $135,000/year and I have a bank account that is -$300. It's depressing when you really take stock of who you are.
I know this post is all over the place but had to get it out somewhere.
TLDR; COVID-19 got me out of the casino and I got a glimpse of a better life. I'm using that as motivation for the future. Day 1 starts tomorrow....
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Day 1 again.

Got pretty drunk last night, went to a game, then after went to the casino. Put in 50$, got all the way to 200, then proceeded to lose it all. Thought about going to the ATM, instead I went home. Broke my 40 day streak, but had the ability to leave instead of going to the ATM. Gambling is stupid.
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There IS Life After Gambling

Hello, everyone. A few months ago I posted a depressing message on this board. I was still weary and beaten down from a decade plus of gambling. This time last year I won a pretty substantial jackpot. That fueled my addiction until I hit rock bottom. When I was at rock bottom, I neglected everything. Here I am more than 150 days clean, and things have finally turned around for me. I accepted a new position at work. I paid off those nasty payday loans I took out last March. (I borrowed $1300. I ended up paying back more than $7000! Those loans are evil! Lol) I haven’t been to a casino or placed any bets in months. I make sure I stay on top of things by listening to anti gambling podcasts and maintaining relationships with my family and friends. I’m not cured. I’ll continue to struggle, but I will continue to fight this sickness everyday. Friends, I’m hoping for the best for you. You are capable of beating problem gambling. Keep those barriers in place. Go to GA. Reach out to someone when you’re feeling down. Keep fighting.
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The biggest loss wasn't even gambling.

Hi. I'm a 25 year old trans woman and I have the need to write this somewhere and figured people could use it as an inspiration to seek help or do their best to quit before it's too late.

As I wrote in the title. Losing my money to casinos wasn't even the biggest loss.
Three years, 7 months and 2 weeks ago I met the love of my life. I had never touched gambling other than the occasional scratch card for five dollars. I've never liked gambling as my oldest brother had gambled over a million dollars away.

Three years, 7 months and 2 days ago, my girlfriend at the time asked me to be her boyfriend (pre-transition) and we got together so fast and lived together already by then.
We were going to concerts, vacations and partying so often. We were inseparable because we had so much in common and we loved each other so much.

We were celebrating every monthly anniversary and it was almost like high school but in our adult lives... You know... how early love feels but this was bigger.
We found an amazing apartment and decided to move from our student apartment and start a life there. We moved there on the 15th of November, 2017.

Everything was getting better and better. Our social networks were huge and we were aiming for goals that seemed possible at the time.
On June 30th, 2018, I started feeling ill. Just out of the blue... My body was aching and I felt like I had the flu... It got worse and worse for weeks until it became chronic. It was there all the time...

My ex-girlfriend took a pregnancy in August, 2018... and it was positive. She didn't want to keep it... and I supported her even though I felt so ready to have a child.
It was very painful for me and I shut it down... I was in so much pain and my joints were aching all the time. I developed a depression during this time, but I shut it down and kept going on as if things were fine.
I withdrew myself from social events due to the pain and my doctor couldn't diagnose me... I got a lot of bloodtests done throughout the end of 2018 and to mid 2019... X-ray scans and MRI as well...
My ex-girlfriend took over most of the chores and she was okay with it as she knew what I was going through... but I withdrew myself from her as well... We lived together and spent all our time together but emotionally I wasn't connected because my sudden sickness took all the attention from me.
I came out to her at the beginning of 2019 about being transgender and she took it so well... She supported me like no one else and she was there for me... I never forget how happy and proud she was of me and how she was smiling... She really believed that I was a strong person and that I would make it well...
Our relationship got quite better in the spring of 2019 and we re-found our love and attention for each other. We had a lot of events again to go to and we spent a lot of time together... However my toes and fingers were starting to swell and my hips were so painful...

I was supposed to start on HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) at the same time as my disease got worse but they didn't want to let me do it because I was undiagnosed...
I had to tell my parents too that I am transgender and that was a huge issue due to me knowing their views and their conservative thoughts..

On the 4th of December, 2019... My depression was at its worst... I had gotten my diagnose of psoriatric arthritis and was told that there wasn't much to do about it and that I had to exercise and keep my body active to avoid it becoming permanent damage on my joints...
The exact same day, I told my parents that I'm transgender. They obviously got upset, called me a man in a dress... how I ruined everyone's lives and everything... How much of a disgrace I was... and that they disowned me. They didn't want anything to do in my life.

On that day I deposited money on a casino with the aim to kill time... I just needed an escape from my pain, my parents and my depression.
I won big, obviously... I wish I had lost my 150 dollar deposit but I actually won 1200. I cashed out... and I was suddenly not in that much pain... I bought a Nintendo Switch for my girlfriend and the newest pokemon game... and she was so happy. I was happy too because her happiness spread to me.
The end, right? No...

I carried on gambling the next week. I drank a lot of alcohol and I was so done with life. While I looked happy on the outside and I tried to remain stable... a huge volcanic eruption was happening on the inside. I deposited 150 dollars... lost... 150 more... lost. 150... lost. I gambled away all my money in a span of 3 days including my savings.
And what does desperate gamblers do when they suddenly don't have any money? Some wait until payday but I decided to do payday loans... I borrowed about 12,000 dollars in a week and gambled it all away... I barely remember my big wins during that time but I did wager through 750,000 over a short period of time.

December was a mess for me looking back... I wanted to kill myself. I suddenly owed money I couldn't pay back with a crazy 25% interest rate per month. I got an addiction for something I despised...
I paid rent and utils... I gave my girlfriend money for food but the rest was gambled away in the first days of getting my paycheck... She didn't even know I gambled by then....

But in February, 2020 she found out... Or rather, I told her the truth. I told her how many loans I had done and that I had an addiction for gambling... I admitted my problems and told her that I needed help.
She was at first very upset and angry. She accused me of lying and ruining my own life which was true... I was aware that I wasn't a good partner for her and I was so heartbroken... I wanted to change things...

So by March, 2020 I sent her all my money and tried to not gamble... But it only worked for a few days until I literally had a breakdown and needed to gamble... I was so suicidal and I needed to waste my money on stupid websites to 'feed' my numbness. Why? I don't know... It was a good way to escape I guess.
We had more money because I didn't gamble it all away but she was so exhausted of my addiction...
By early April, 2020... she broke down. She couldn't handle doing 80% of the chores... she couldn't handle the fact I was never social and I wasn't actively trying to do things with her... I needed to change.

This was a huge wake up call for me and I for the first time realized how bad of a state I was in... I wasn't treating myself well. I was destroying myself and her with this addiction.
I didn't gamble through April... I did all the chores and worked hard on making plans with her... Watching movies, playing games together... going for walks.
I really wanted this to work... But... it was too late.

On the 26th of April, 2020... We woke up together after a fun night. We had been drinking and playing video games together the night before and while I was in the middle of making coffee and breakfast... she walks out to me and tells me that we have to break up.
She wasn't developing and she felt like she couldn't live how she wanted to live. She was done with being pushed over and despite that I was making a change now... then it was too late to fix.

She packed a bag with clothes and got her father to pick her up... That day was the hardest day for me. I wanted nothing else but her because she was the foundation that held my life together. She was supportive and wanted the best for me.
That following night... I had bought two bottles of Vodka and got drunk. Our mutual friend came over and she kept me company because I couldn't be alone. I was suicidal. I was a wreck.
I was so fed up with life and I didn't want anything anymore...

During the next following days (From Sunday to Friday), my ex-girlfriend and her parents came and picked up her things... everything actually, until the point where there was a few chairs left, my couch, my desk and a few lamps... Everything else was hers.
Our shared things I ended up giving her... I couldn't have things that reminded me of her... It was too painful.

I was so heartbroken... I didn't eat for 10 days and I lost about 18 pounds. I got drunk every night and I was contemplating suicide every day.
We kept contact and I begged and pleaded for her to come back but she shut it down immediately.
I lost her... And I knew she would find someone else that would love her as much as I did and that broke my heart even more.
I gambled everything away. I sold some of my instruments and games to get money to gamble... I won over 15,000 dollars in the span of 4 hours and I could've paid back my loans but I didn't... I didn't even bother to think about it... I was so done. I wanted to ruin my life even more to the point where I was so fed up I would kill myself.

On the 5th of May, 2020 I was about to take my life. I was done... I had everything planned. I wouldn't be able to survive anyway because I had no money for food. There really wasn't a way to survive this month.
But instead of finishing up my plans... I decided to call one of those hotlines... but with volunteers. I spoke with one for 6 hours. His hours were already over but he decided to keep talking with me until 2 am. I thought that from this day on, I had to pick myself up and do something about it...
I got some extra money from a friend to buy groceries, which I did... and I worked hard that month to focus on my mental health. I got an appointment with a therapist and I was allowed to pay the sessions at the end of the month since I had no money.

I self-excluded myself from casinos and blocked my card to prevent myself from gambling...
But of course at the beginning of June I found a way to "cheat the system" with instant bank transfers... so of course I gambled away all my money the past two days...

I'm fed up with gambling... I don't want to gamble anymore. I want to get out of this but due to the corona virus... everything is shut down and help is hard to get.
I'm suicidal but I'm not interested in dying. I want to carry on and fight even when it's so hard.

I miss my ex-girlfriend every single day... I wish I could turn back time and fix myself when I was at my worst... but it's too late.
I'm gonna keep my head high for now and figure out a solution to stop gambling and move on from my ex-girlfriend... but I have no idea how to do it... but eventually I might find a way.

Sorry for the long post... and sorry if it's confusing to read... I just had to get the words out somewhere.
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PAYDAY 2! - Gameplay/Walkthrough - Part 1 - Bank Robbing ...

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